Saturday, April 17, 2010

. the beautiful mama's family .

. if you are a fan of mine of facebook you've already seen maternity photos of my beautiful friend audrey . she's so beautiful, inside and out ! before we did our fun shoot together we snapped a few of her and her beautiful little family .
. the cute lil family .

. the cute little family .

. anticipating the new baby .
. it's no wonder their children are so beautiful, can't wait to see little aliza !
. beautiful mommy and daddy .
. i think isabelle is excited to have a sister .
. the cute little family .
. isabelle and christian .
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you'll still get to see audrey's maternity photos, i'll be posting them soon . i just can't be mean . i just appreciate you checking my work out at all .


Audrey Sun Apr 18, 07:20:00 PM  

so fun to see these!! thanks for including the family!! I'm so excited about getting them all in the mail this week!! These pictures are making me realize how very huge with child I am. ;)

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