Tuesday, September 29, 2009

. this calls for a celebration .

. it's no secret if you know chris and em that they have long waited for God to bless them with a child . and He has done so . so there is nothing i'd rather do than to help them celebrate as they welcome 'little man leet' or 'butch' (whatever you like the call the little fella) into this world . so last weekend we celebrated . we celebrated before but that wasn't enough . i'm telling you this was a big answer to prayer . holly and i had so much fun planning the whole thing and getting together with megan and natalie to bring it all together was so enjoyable . we chose to celebrate at the lovely blair house . so beautiful on the outside (if i was the decorator i'd change the wallpaper inside though :) .
. blaire house .
. the shower ended up taking on the theme 'little man leet' because of a cute statement emily made shortly after finding out she was having a boy . being overwhelmed with not only raising a little boy, but a little 'man' .
. decorations .
. holly made the adorable diaper cake .
. diaper cake and gift table .
. another shout out to holly for her awesomeness at taking on fondant frosting for the cupcakes .
. cupcakes .
. baby shower for little man leet .
. guests sign in .
. guest sign in .
. so i'm not much of a game person and i seriously dislike shower games that are contests about who can come up with the most baby related words out of the phrase 'she's having a baby'...or whatever . i tend to lean more towards relational, personal, non competition related games . although what fun is a game if it's no competition is what others seem to think . so of course we had competitions and prizes and all that . but prizes for stuff like 'who can write the best story out of the words i give you, half of the words baby related and half not baby related' . as it turns out there were some very creative people there . especially that new mommy . em's story was adorable and i am hoping she posts it on her blog at some point because i want to read it again .
. me .
. em writing her story about becoming a new mommy .
. writing their stories .
. holly sharing words of wisdom .
. words of wisdom from holly .

. grandma and em going through the line .

. water bottles .
. we also did a fun little thing i had seen before on a blog . instead of everyone attaching a card with their gift they were to attach a book to build up a library for little man leet . i loved seeing all the cute little books she got . this one is mother goose .
. em liking her mother goose story book .
. i wanted to post this photo even though it doesn't do the cute little outfit justice . it's a onesie with a little tie sewn on it, with matching spit rags . i found it on etsy.com, specifically mac and me . if you are looking for something unique, high quality and absolutely adorable check her out . and i have to mention her customer service was fabulous . not a commercial, just a pleased customer . i hope little man leet likes his shirt and tie .
. loving the onsie .
. enjoying one another's company .
. love these expressions .
. and the party planners . although not a great picture, it's the only one of us . and we all couldn't be more thrilled for chris and em . we felt honored to plan this celebration .
. party planners .
. and a special thanks to megan for taking photos when i was unable to .


Emily Tue Sep 29, 07:41:00 AM  

Awww, Sarah, you guys are the best! It was the most special shower a girl could imagine. Everything was perfect. I had a great time (even though you know I'd rather hide in the back). :-) Thanks for such an awesome day. You guys are the best friends, ever!

Audrey Tue Sep 29, 11:38:00 AM  

what a cute shower!! was this in boston?

. sarah . Tue Sep 29, 07:53:00 PM  

You are welcome Em, we loved every minute of it!

Audrey, no, the shower was in Washington.

Brooke LeeAn Copeland Wed Oct 14, 12:22:00 PM  

that's funny, i'm having everyone bring their favorite childhood book to the baby shower i'm having for my sister-in-law!

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