Tuesday, August 25, 2009

. randomness .

. so this is my rock collection . ryan and reed are always so anxious to add to it . it's easy when we live on a gravel road, although that doesn't make for a very interesting collection, but they think it does . i've been pretty firm on what goes in it so far because they'd add 5 rocks each every time they are here if i'd let them . it's growing too big for it's cute little tray as it is . i'm trying to decide whether to add to it and move it to a larger location or to just say it's full . what fun is in that though ? i do like to have fun . i do not like collections though . they look cluttery . i don't like clutter . what a dilemma . sometimes i'm a little too rigid about stuff like this . i've seen it get out of hand though !
. my rock collection .
. i know everyone has their favorite products . i do too . such as my lotion, the last few years i've used aveeno and i do love it, but it is unscented, which can get a little boring at times . i found this lotion a while back and love it . the smell and the feel are both exceptional . so i'll throw it in every once in a while for a good mix . i'm still working on seeing if baking soda, apple cider vinegar and honey are my new "products" for my hair .
. and new favorite .
. guess what'll be here before we know it . yep, harvest . i'm not so sure i'm ready . but then it's not up to me, is it ?
. it's almost harvest .

. i love old farm wagons .
. and these two are just a little fun with old photos in photoshop . i love this photo . i should really frame it and hang it somewhere in my house .
. i love old farm wagons .
. this weather has been amazing lately .
? can you believe kids are in school already ?
. everyone talking about fall, seeing fall clothes in the stores and looking through my fall photos has definitely inspired me .
. oh and it sounds like you're not tired of seeing dog photos :) i'm so glad .


harpstef Tue Aug 25, 06:06:00 AM  

this clutter "queen" knows who you are referring to.hahahhhaahh

Audrey Tue Aug 25, 10:48:00 AM  

ugh, I too depise all clutter, it makes me edgey :)

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