Tuesday, August 18, 2009

. a few moments in time .

. i felt like that was what i was capturing when i took these shots .
. seth and andrew . . seth and andrew .
. even though i'm not a mother i still realize to a certain degree how fast time flies by and how little time you actually have with little ones, because all too fast they become children, then next thing you know they are teens, then all of the sudden they are getting married . okay, i sound really old, but really . and i do realize i don't understand this all to its fullest extent .
. mommy and seth .
. i do know andrew and seth won't be little for long and i hope that when beth looks back at these photos that they bring back all the feelings she has right now at this time being a young mom of two very busy little boys .
. mommy and andrew.
. i had more fun on this shoot than i thought i would, it may help that i know and love this little family but i also have had very strong feelings that this is where it's at for me, this is what i enjoy, this is what i want to do . i want to capture these connections .
. seth .
. i've had the same feeling shooting families . but what these shoots that give me this 'feeling' all have in common is a casual, relaxed ease about them . connection in the hearts and faces of the subjects . love flowing out of each member . perfection, no and yes . no because there were tears shed by both boys during this shoot . getting hurt, learning the hard way, being nice . and at the same time yes because during those tears shed mom was there to sooth, comfort and teach them . perfect .
. seth .
. there's a lot of pictures here, many that i love . i think i asked for 3 smiles this whole shoot . here's why i dislike asking a kid to smile for a picture . this is what seth did .
. seth's smile .
. anyway, from here on out i'll let the photos speak for themselves .
. seth .

. andrew .

. mommy and her boys .

. tackle, not a hug .

. andrew . . andrew .

. andrew . . seth .

. seth and andrew climbing the tree .

. tree climbing .

. andrew and seth .

. mommy pushing andrew and seth .

. seth and mommy .
. seth just had a birthday, he's two .
. seth just turned 2 .

. seth and mommy . . seth and mommy .

. seth .

. andrew and seth .

. mommy, andrew and seth .
. loved when seth plopped down on andrew when mommy was tracing andrew .
. mommy, andrew and seth .

. andrew .

. mommy and seth .

. mommy and seth .

. andrew .

. andrew and seth .

. seth .

. mommy, andrew and seth .
. i know that was a lot of pictures, but that wasn't the half of them . if you want to see more go here .

. if you are interested in a "moments in time" session let me know, i'd love to spend a little time with you and your loved ones as you play and enjoy each other .


photozmom Tue Aug 18, 05:47:00 AM  

I have tears in my eyes.....AND I even looked at them on Flicker yesterday!!! I also have a special place in my heart for this little family BUT the pictures are SO special!!! I LOVE all of them BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chalk ones! Great family, Great photo shoot!

Aunt N Tue Aug 18, 05:47:00 AM  

Yesterday, the radio was reporting on the many photograpy entries at the State Fair. There are more than ever in the past -- digital photography gets the credit. The judge said that though there are many photos, the judging criteria is the same. He went on to say something to the effect of: Good photography is representing what we all see so suddenly we really are seeing it. I think you really do that.

Photozgran Tue Aug 18, 06:00:00 PM  

Your story of Beth and the boys is very special. There is no question they were having fun. Keep up the good work. The boys are so blessed to have you to record their growing up years.

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