Sunday, August 16, 2009

. different dynamics .

. it's definitely different around here (as far as the dogs go) than when it was chopper, jack and phyllis . all the dynamics have changed . now it's two girls and one boy . that'll make all the difference right there . :0) . chopper is really beginning to show his age . getting fat . graying around his mussel . not wanting to play much . hunting less .
. greta . elsie . chopper .
. not to mention the whole puppy thing, which i've mentioned before . although that's getting just the slightest bit better . my goal as of late is to work on their manners such as not mobbing me when i walk out the door . keeping all three of them off the steps when i need to use them to well, walk down them .
. elsie . chopper . greta .
. probably the biggest difference though is the difference in greta's personality . she's half german shepherd which is much more intense than the chocolate lab . she's stalks her prey (usually elsie) . she barks when someone comes . she learns quicker .
. elsie . chopper . greta .
. she's a bit more opinionated . here she's up on the trailer and doesn't think she can get off without my help . (she can) .
. elsie . greta . chopper .
. she was telling me all about it .
. elsie . greta . chopper .
. i've figured out how to get them from around my feet . put them on a trailer or in the back of the truck . the girls can't get down and chopper obeys so he stays . that is if i can stand the barking and crying .
. elsie . greta . chopper .
. elsie seems like the typical 'little' dog to me . which is a change around here too . she's always in on the action . 90% of the time she's the one who picks the fight . when you go to pick her up she lays down and sometimes will roll over . she likes to sit right at my feet, like on them . she's very different from phyllis although just enough the same that we can't help but think of phyllis just looking at her .
. elsie fighting for her life . or not .
. we are adjusting quiet well and are so happy with the new dynamics .


Aunt N Mon Aug 17, 05:30:00 AM  

That's the fun of living on the farm -- the dynamics of the animals, pets or wild. I find training cats nearly impossible as they are so independent, and the dog (well, as Uncle Lyle says: you gotta be smarter than the dog, and all our dogs so far have been TOO smart for me). I usually get to the point of obeying mostly, but they always know how to push my buttons and then look back with a doggy smile as I stand there helplessly. I think I will stick with kids and co-exist with the pets the best I can. Loved your blog.

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