Tuesday, May 11, 2010

. studio open house .

. as i mentioned in the previous post the open house was awesome . both friday and saturday i was overwhelmed and in awe of everyone that came out and showed their support and encouraged me with their words and presence . it was soo much fun !

. my friend traci made all the food, with the exception of the yummy smores cake, which my friend beth contributed . have i mentioned that i have amazing friends ?! they both did this out of the goodness of their hearts .
. yummy and pretty food .
. chicken curry wontons were a hit ! good call traci .
. chicken curry wontons .
. and you can never go wrong with cucumber sandwiches .
. cucumber sandwiches .
. water in cute lil bottles .
. sarahnebelphotography water bottles .
. my mom and dad bought me tulips . my in-laws, who already did sooo much to help me get the studio fixed up and ready for the big day, brought me flowers too (although not pictured) .
. sign up table .
. all week preparing for the open house i saw dandelions everywhere, i had visions of putting some in cute little vases all over the serving table. come friday morning my mom and i couldn't find a single yellow one so i put on my facebook status that whoever brought me a bouquet of yellow ones got a free 8X10...it never happened . this was the closes i got to a bouquet of yellow dandelions .
. bouquet of dandelions from lynda .
. i love them though, thanks lynda !
. i used my great grandmother's pitcher to serve the sparkling peach tea .
. sparkling peach tea in great grandma's pitcher .
. yummy treats saturday morning .
. saturday morning goodies .

. mmmm .
. my favorite flower i think . picked fresh from my mother in law's flower garden .
. shadows of my favorite flower .
. guests signing in .
. guests sign the chalk board .
. girls, being cute .
. ava .

. ava and lauren .

. ashley .
. more guests .
. guests signing chalk board .
. one of my favorite guests .
. gibbs and daddy .
. the little guests just had me busy with my camera .
. chloe .

. trey getting some loving from the ladies .
. thank you everyone that came . i am not sure when I've ever felt so loved .


Audrey Tue May 11, 09:16:00 AM  

loved seeing these!!! you make such small details stand out that most people wouldn't even think to photograph!! I love the vase and shadow pic!! and your water bottles :)and all that food looked delish.

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