Sunday, May 16, 2010

. countryside .

. so yesterday, after my photo shoot in grinnell, i was feeling very inspired . just wait and see the couple i shot ! having a good shoot and drinking a little iced coffee (which i have to stop, btw!) i could have shot the rest of the day, so i kinda did . on my way home i stopped several times to take photos of just about anything that caught my eye . this first photo is not a 'cool' shot or anything, but i love the name of this road...always have so i decided to record it . i think our next dog is going to be named orval yoder ! and it wouldn't be near as cool of a name if it was called orval yoder road, orval yoder turnpike just has a ring to it ! don't you think ? anyway... (yes i had coffee again today! which i definitely am going to stop)
. orval yoder turnpike .

? which way ?

. road .

. dandelions .

. poppies .

. poppies .
. and this, this old house, i love it . steve and i have driven by it for years and i always tell him it's ours . it has our initials on it...we have to live here someday !
. our 'someday' house .
. he's not on board .
. our 'someday' house .
. happy sunday .


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