Tuesday, January 5, 2010

. sometimes i'm a softy .

. i love the idea of pets in the house, but i have to say it's not for me . in my opinion it's hard enough to keep up with human filth, let alone animal filth . but there's just something about a dog sleeping on the rug that appeals to me . if that was all they would do i'd let all 3 live inside . although i do know that these 3 hunters and gatherers that we have on our hands would not do well inside . buuuut, every once in a while the dogs get a little bit of special treatment and get to come inside for an hour or so to enjoy the comforts of the house . right now that big comfort is warmth . they do seem to do great outside, playing half the day acting as if they don't even notice the single digit temps . when nap time rolls around though off to the barn they go where there's a nice little heat lamp to keep them warm .

. chopper and elsie get to come in because they understand the boundaries of the rug, greta...not so much . she comes in, gets a little loving on and goes back out . boundaries aren't her thing .

. anyway, here's the oh-so-cute choppy on the back porch the other day . he's so cute, and fat, and going grey . and such a good old boy i might add .
. chopper .

. chopper .
. he snores too, which always makes me laugh .
. chopper .
. can't you just hear it in these photos, and his little lip flapping as he exhales ?!
. chopper .

. chopper .

. chopper .

. chopper .


Kari Tue Jan 05, 05:59:00 AM  

That's too funny. One of our cats snores too, which is a little distracting when you're studying. :)

worth100words Tue Jan 05, 12:07:00 PM  

He's such a big cutie. Love the grey whiskers!

Brooke LeeAn Copeland Wed Jan 06, 10:45:00 AM  

I love the last pic!!

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