Friday, January 8, 2010

. randomness on this friday .

. brrrr .
. snowy morn . will my plans for today happen ?
. another winter day .
. i love survivor so i'm very excited about this upcoming season, heros vs. villains .
. i'm wondering if i could do this because i have quite a few mini-blinds i'd love to replace . it's such a great idea, i'm going to have to try it . last year i wanted to replace some of them in the house, but never wanted to spend the money to do it, glad i waited now, this is the perfect solution .
. needing to scrapbook and have a scrapbook get-together, these are not one and the same . when i have friends over to scrap i get very little scrapping done, it's more about the chatting and laughing .
. ali edwards is a constant scrapbooking inspiration, i don't know how she always remains inspired . i love her yearly one little word challenge too . my word for twenty-ten, blossom: a period or condition of maximum development; to develop, flourish .
. thankful for space heaters in this old drafty house .
. dunkin' donuts does have better coffee . mmmm .


. haven't spent much time in the kitchen this week, but i kinda want to (feeling my forehead now to make sure i'm okay), what should i make ?


. love this study guide, if you are needing something different for getting into the Word, check it out . it seems to connect some of the dots i had been missing .


. forget what a hot summer day feels like .


. i've fallen in love with the library again . how did i forget how great of a place it is ? it's like going to barns and noble, but free, and with no starbucks. that part is a bummer . i wonder if they could change that ?

. loving the library, why did i forget how great it is ?


. lots on my heart and mind lately . quite the range of emotions . when i get emotional i feel out of control, don't really like it so much . but getting used to it . i definitely get more emotional with age . poor steve, he didn't know that when he signed up .



. spent a little christmas money last weekend on this little sitting area . i've been adding to this space for years, little by little . just what the space needed, a lamp, picture (one i didn't take, intentional) above the couch and a cute little footstool to bring it all together . pulled a few things like books, blankets and pillows from other areas in the house and love how it all came together .

. christmas money, well spent .

. met a lady named gunny this week, can't wait to get to know her better .
. holly .
. hoping my 'funky' little cousin keeps up on her blog this time . she's a creative little gal with an eye for style .
. i'm missing shooting as the sun is setting, can't wait to shoot outside again .
. and we all fall down .
. i think this would be fun to play with . it's basically the new polariod camera . it would be fun to decorate with the photos, scrapbook them, use them as bookmarks, makes cards out of them, ornaments, banners, gifts for others . they just seem so fun .


. can't wait to go on a roller skating date with my nephew .
. hmmm, guess that's it for me . how about you share a random thought of yours with me in the comment section . can't wait to hear them .


Coffee Bean Fri Jan 08, 10:58:00 AM  

FYI..the library lady told me they are trying to work out a deal with coffee corner and dodici to have coffee available in the library..and..might want to double check, but she said to bring your own coffee in while you read!!Pretty cool to me!

Aunt N Fri Jan 08, 11:32:00 AM  

Random?? I am thankful for photographs because I have a hard time imagining any natural colors. Everything is black and white when the snow drift in the back yard is higher than my head! I walk by my computer monitor that has changing pictures of the yard and garden and fall color, and I stand in awe that it ever could look like that again. And Jan. has just begun. Weep, weep!!! But no, that's why I'm making a bright, scrappy quilt!

Hols Fri Jan 08, 12:59:00 PM  

love, love, love the mini blind idea !!!! Way easier than any of the patterns I have!

Stop by the coffee corner, grab a coffee and then head to the library!

Wishing I could join the normal world of the living...meaning...... eat normal food, cook for my family again, do normal household chores, leave the house, stop puking several times a day.......hopefully within another 2-3 weeks......

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