Friday, September 11, 2009

. foggy morning gone to the dogs .

. we've had three beautiful foggy mornings the last three days . today is the first day i've grabbed my camera and shot a few photos .
. foggy .
. somehow though i always end up taking shots of the dogs . they are always right by my side and usually they are playing and jumping and just happy to be alive . so i can't help but take their photo . this morning was the same . chopper didn't leave my side the entire time just hoping for more petting . the girls were going crazy playing . greta's new favorite thing is jumping on anything she can get on or in . when i went out this morning she came out of an open grain bin . she even jumps on the trampoline :) after 10 minutes or so they all congregated up on the porch and i told them to sit, which still doesn't always work so well with the girls, and by the time i've gotten them to sit chopper's standing up looking around to see what else there is going on because he's bored with the current situation . so i just start snapping .
. greta . elsie . chopper .
. i started making my funny noise i make to get dogs attention and greta responded quite well . chopper's bored with that too so he just avoids eye contact . but has that look like "i know you want something but i just can't look you in the eye" . elsie can't help but look, look at her eyes .
. greta . elsie . chopper .

. greta . elsie . chopper .

. greta . elsie . chopper .
. finally everybody is looking, but chopper is about as happy as my brother nate when i finally talk him into getting family pictures taken .
. greta . elsie . chopper .
. lost eye contact with greta, it's all downhill from here .
. greta . elsie . chopper .
. all in about 15 seconds .


photozmom Fri Sep 11, 07:37:00 AM  

Cute pictures of the "granddogs" I am glad that Greta showed YOU that she could jump up on the tramp :O) Nice fog photo too.

worth100words Fri Sep 11, 07:46:00 AM  

That is adorable! I love the story line. Elsie looks so small compared to the other 2- but I'm sure she holds her own. I seem to remember quite a few pics you've taken where she's instigating a few brawls... Can't wait to meet them.

Annika Fri Sep 11, 09:37:00 AM  

It has been so foggy when I've been running the last few mornings! I ran up on several deer, fawns and coons. Cute dog picts :)

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