Thursday, August 6, 2009

. coralville lake .

. i had ryan and reed again on tuesday . since i had them an extra day i decided we should get out and do something fun . i hadn't been to the coralville lake to just hang out and play in a few years and thought we should go check it out . we first ate our sandwiches on some rocks down by the dam, then headed out to the beach area . this was their favorite part of the day, they loved swimming in the lake .
. swimming at the lake .

. swimming at the lake .

. swimming at the lake .

. swimming at the lake .
. we left there and headed to the other side of the spillway where the boys could run around and get dry . last year during the flooding this was full of water . i can't remember how high it was, but i do remember it was high .
. playing in the spillway .

. playing in the spillway .

. playing in the spillway .

. playing in the spillway .
. they had so much fun here but i quickly realized it was a place they should come play with someone else, i kept getting scared they were going to fall over the other side or roll down the big concrete hill . after my heart stopped a few times i made them get down . bummer, i know . i felt like such a party pooper .
. playing in the spillway .

. playing in the spillway .
. here's reed getting down after i said no more climbing up top .
. playing in the spillway .

. playing in the spillway .
. oh well, on to more fun things like wading .
. coralville lake .
. then we noticed when we went to sit on the dock that a crane had come back to the shore, he had flown off when we first got there .
. crane .
. he had been looking for his lunch .
. caught a fish .

. caught a fish .
. see it in his throat .
. swallowed the fish .
. as we were leaving we noticed a doe and her fawns .
. doe .
. only this fawn came out of the trees but there were two . i didn't get the best picture of this little one but it's better than none .
. little fawn .
. i loved spending a few days with these guys .
. ryan .

. reed .
. although i have to say i was pretty tired by tuesday night .


photozmom Thu Aug 06, 06:44:00 AM  

You always have such great adventures with the boys! I would have been the same way about the spillway! Thanks for the pictures (since I didn't get to come with you:O( ) Another time!!

Photozgran Thu Aug 06, 07:00:00 AM  

I think the boys would say that when ever they go to Aunt Sarah's they have a fun day. You can bet they slept well Tues. night with all of the fresh air and exercise. Thanks for being careful with our Great Grand Sons and teaching them SO many things.

Bridget Thu Aug 06, 07:10:00 PM  

looks like loads of fun!!!

Aunt N Sat Aug 08, 03:52:00 PM  

Someone always has to be the adult. An awful job, but kids are too precious to do otherwise. They will remember all the fun as well as your cautions, being glad later on that you did care. They certainly wouldn't want their auntie in jail for "Child Endangerment." Keep up the great work with the next generation.

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